Lexi Love Interview

Lexi Love InterviewWhen I first saw Lexi Love, it was in a XXX magazine spread I bought during a lunch break at one of my former jobs. As I ate my lunch in the park on that warm spring day and flipped through pages of the delightful publication, the rumbling in my belly went south and turned into a throbbing in my pants. There she was. A sexier, and way more naked, version of Britney Spears that not only loved sex, she loved to do it in front of a camera and let you peek, (or whatever u do in the privacy of your own home). Smooth tanned skin, legs spread wide open, taking some lucky stud deep as I imagined myself in the shot. And then beep beep beeeeep, my alarm goes off reminding me to head back to work. Needless to say, after a ummm, hard afternoon at work, when 5:30 came, I made a beeline to my apartment and watched the first Lexi Love video my sweaty palms could click to. And I was hooked. That was some time around 2006.

Fast forward to today. I came across Lexi Love, (no not like i wish), this time on twitter. Instant FOLLOW. Thankfully, she agreed to an interview and I was thrilled when she did. Instant BONER. She has grown beyond her porn days into a successful business woman. Oh and she’s still sexy as ever. Think I’m in love. Ok here’s the interview…

1. Im sure i speak for many people when I say, “I know of Lexi Love as a porn star” (beleive me I love that and its far from a bad thing!), but you’re so much more than that nowadays… Who is Lexi Love?
Lexi Love has been forever evevoling as the industry changes, I have changed with it. I have no choice if I want to stay relevant but to grow and take on new projects that fit my interest and continue to develop myself as a brand.

2. What big projects are you working on right now that aren’t specifically or exclusively porn movies or pictures?
I have a board game called “Uncle Don’s Exotic Interludes” it pushes the envelope on the positive development of sexual discovery and was created to be a fun icebreaker to help friends and couples learn and explore your sexuality. (exoticinterludes.com)

I just opened lexilovescloset.com. I’m selling clothing from the dvd’s and internet sex scenes I’ve filmed in over the years, as well as art, Exotic Interludes board game, and shot glasses to start.

Lastly I am working on my balls… Well Balls Vodka. Look for us in NYC, we’re going to be throwing parties with my Love balls.

3. What’s a typical week for you now?
A typical work week for me now is spent in my living room in my home office in my pajamas. My day can start at 7am and end at 4pm or 1pm and end at 7am. I spend a lot of time keeping up with social media, editing photos from events, in meetings, answering emails, and finding companies and brands to collaborate with. If I am not doing these things my publicist keeps me very busy with interviews on Sirius, hosting parties around the US, and doing interviews like this one you are reading right now.

4. Did you have a boyfriend or girlfriend at that time? Was there tension because of your profession?
I was with the same guy who I did my 1st movie with before I started filming until 2008, we were married and divorced while I was in the industry. The industry gave us a ton of freedom and we were very open about home sex and work sex. There were tensions from time to time around the industry if one of us felt disrespected from someone within the industry. Otherwise no tension. Commuivcation was very important and helped to keep the tension low.

5. With so much porn experience, my readers are dying to know, what is your favorite position? And is there something you are especially good at such as, BJ, riding, anal, etc.?
Hehe great question. My favorite position depends on who I am having sex with. If it’s with a guy it depends on how his penis is shaped. If its with a lady it depends if we are just having lipstick sex or if one of us is going to be more submissive or dominate over the other. So it is really just all about the moment what my favorite position will be.

I’ve been told by my partners “no one sucks my cock as well as you do” or “omg you give the best blow jobs” so I think blow jobs are my specialty along with anal and squirting.

6. What’s your biggest turn on?
You may laugh, my biggest turn on is cleanliness and a well dressed man.

(I’m not laughing. I’m taking notes!)

7. Ok, I’ll admit that I saw quite a bit of your movies especially BJ ones, do you prefer to spit, swallow, or cum elsewhere on your body?
Why thank you for watching. I’m a fan of cum on my tits. Sometimes they get ignored or overshadowed by my round ass. If I have cum on my tits I know they got attention too.

8. How is your private sex different from what you’ve done on camera? Is there even more to the amazing Lexi Love in bed?
Sex in my private life is much different. There’s no one telling me to make sure to open up for the camera and I’m not being suspended from anything. Off camera I’m very passionate, I could make out or have four playwith someone for hours. My sex tends to be sweet and sensual, passionate, sometimes leading up to a bit rough, aggressive or kinky.  On set I’m known for my aggressive or outrageous scenes which felt more like stunt work some days than actual sex. 

Drink and be merry with Lexi’s Balls. Balls Vodka that is. Oh and if you see a shooting star fly past you, don’t be surprised if it was Lexi Love working on a new project.

Thank you so much for your time Lexi. One of the best interview guest I’ve had. Last question, when do I get the invite to one of your Balls Vodka parties? You know it could only help if I review your Vodka and the party here!  Cheers all!

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