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From what I’ve noticed so far, it’s pretty rare that a porn star makes herself as accessible to her fans as AJ Applegate does. But AJ is different. Not only is she smoking hot gorgeous, but she is extremely approachable, warm, and friendly. I’ve been following AJ’s career for about a year, though she’s been in the industry for almost 2. AJ started in the porn business as Kaylee Evans, but quickly ditched the name once her popularity rose because of how common, Kaylee and Evans is among porn star names. So the AJ Applegate we know today was born.

Her resume is what you’d expect and hope for from a star with AJ’s success and looks. She’s worked with the best labels in the industry. Jules Jordan, Evil Angel, Lethal Hardcore, Diabolic, to name a few. She’s worked with some of the biggest stars in the industry as you’ll read in the interview. She also appears in over 50 films with many anal and cum in mouth scenes.

So without further delay, here is the interview AJ Applegate was sweet enough to do for us here at mypeekabooty.com. Give it a read, you’ll be an even bigger fan of AJ once you do.

Where are you from?
I’m originally from Long Island, NY. I grew up in CT for the most part, but I’m definitely a New Yorker at heart.

Most women don’t just show up at a porn studio and go into making porn. What led you to eventually get into porn?
I first started as an exotic dancer at the Gold Club in Hartford, CT. I still work there when I’m home. Then I decided to go into nude modeling, and from there I got into fetish modeling. I’ve always been interested in adult film since I was young. After shooting fetish for a while, I decided that I was then ready to try adult film.

Pardon me for saying but, you have one of the MOST sexiest asses in the porn industry. What do you do to keep it in shape? Any special exercises? Diets? Or is it just natural?
Let me just say I’ve had this booty since I popped out of the womb haha. I do exercise daily, and eat healthy to keep my body in shape though. Squats are my best friend at the moment lol. Also, I was a dancer, and cheerleader since I was 5.AJ Applegate Interview for mypeekabooty

You’ve already worked with top names in the adult industry. Is there any star that you’re still dying to get to work with?
Yes, I feel very blessed for the opportunities I’ve been given. Working with Jada Stevens was definitely a dream come true for me. I mean come on, she’s butt woman! I’m still dying to do a g/g scene with Dani Daniels, and Riley Reid Also, I would love to do a b/g/g with Ashley Fires, and Remy!

You’ve done a lot of anal scenes and are one of the queens of the industry in that department. What is it that you enjoy most about doing anal?
Aw thank you! I really try my best in the anal department lol! For me the enjoyment of anal comes from it being so dirty, and raunchy The first time I ever squirted in my life, was in an anal scene with Mark Wood. It felt crazy amazing, and I loved anal ever since then. I don’t do it much it my personal life, because I don’t get a lot of vag sex on camera. I feel it’s more special when I have anal sex with someone in my personal life

You’re probably in L.A. very often, have you ever had sex with a celebrity?
If you could have sex with any celebrity, who would it be? Why? No, I’ve never had sex with a mainstream celebrity. If I could, I would fuck Christina Applegate like there was no tomorrow lol. She’s my twin, so I think that would be super sexy! Also, I fantasize about having sex with Collin Farrell! I think he’s the definition of the perfect man.

OK I have to ask you this. You could be walking down the street and at any given moment, ANY guy would want to bang your brains out. Do you get hit on a lot? How does it feel to be a sex bomb anywhere you go?
I never really think of myself as being a sex bomb lol. It’s definitely an amazing comment though! I do get hit on a lot, but never really by the guys/girls I want lol. I’m super picky when it comes to that.

What does AJ Applegate love to do on a day off?
Well it wouldn’t be an off day for me if I didn’t get to sleep in first lol. I really enjoy cleaning my house, and getting all my errands done  That always clears my head from stress. Also, I have the best dog ever, so I like to bring him to the park or go for a run with him. The gym, and friends are always a top priority when I’m home too! I’m just a normal girl on my days off.

“If it’s not in your mouth or on your face.. it’s a waste!” -AJ Applegate

A word of advice to ladies wanting to get into porn?
Don’t do it unless your 100% sure! Once your on the internet, your up there forever. Like I said, I always wanted to do it since I was young, but I still waited just in case I changed my mind. Also, never let any talents or directors talk you into doing something your not comfortable with. Luckily, that never happened to me, but you have to be strong in this business and stand your ground. Overall, just be careful, save your money, and always be aware of your surroundings.

How old were you when you lost your virginity?
I lost my virginity to the guy I was dating at the time, and I was so in love. I was 16 years old, and we were both juniors in High School. It was actually kind of risky how it happened. It was his first time too, so we were pretty nervous lol. His parents finally left us alone together for the first time lol. My dad was on his way to pick me up for cheerleading practice, so we knew we had a little time to spare Right as we finished, my dad came ringing on the door bell. I just remember rushing so fast to try and get my clothes on. It was so awesome! Lol.

Spit, Swallow or No Cum in Mouth?
I have a saying for this question that explains it all lol. “If it’s not in your mouth or on your face.. it’s a waste!” – AJ Applegate haha. I would never spit unless I really really had too. I think spitting is so rude to the guy. I mean think about it. How would a girl feel if a guy immediately went, and washed out his mouth after eating her out. Not cool! Lol. Plus, I think cum tastes good haha.

Do you prefer Women, Men or Both?
This is always such a hard question for me. I would have to say there both equal in my book. I love the feeling of a strong guy holding me, and being dominant over me. BUT, I love the feeling of a womans soft skin up against mine and how sensual they are. I’d rather date a guy at the moment, but I think that’s because I haven’t found the right girl to be with. For me, the perfect relationship would be with a guy and a girl, and we all love each other equally. Then I would have the best of both worlds

What’s Your Favorite Position in Bed?
My favorite position would definitely have to be doggy! It feels so good, and can go in so deep. Plus, my ass looks good! Lol. Also, I really love missionary because you can stare at who your fucking in the eyes.

To turn me on, you have to be a good kisser!

What Are Your Turn-Ons?
To turn me on, you have to be a good kisser! I love making out during sex. It makes my pussy so wet! 😉 Also, you have to have a good size cock I can suck on. I want it to be able to chock me when it’s down my throat lol. AND, if you don’t eat good pussy.. it’s definitely not going to work out! Lol.

Strangest thing to happen to you on-set?
I’ve never really had anything strange to me happen on set. I just hate those awkward moments, like when you get air stuck in your pussy lol.

What was one thing about being on a porn set that you didn’t expect? If there are a lot of things, you can list them all.
I guess just how much work, and production went into making a good scene. I never knew about all the paperwork that’s involved, pretty girl pictures, and sex stills. I always thought they just took pictures from the video. I like that it’s very professional. It makes feeling comfortable that much easier .

AJ Applegate best sellers MoviesHere are some of her best sellers:

  • Girl Next Door #12, The
  • I Wanna Buttfuck Your Daughter 14
  • AMK Hardcore 4
  • Anal Asses
  • Elastic Assholes #11
  • Insane Gloryhole Cum Swallowers
  • Internal Injections #8
  • Let’s Try Anal 5
  • My Gigantic Toys 18
  • My Husband Brought Home His Mistress

Thank you AJ, you are truly a professional and I can’t wait for your next big feature. Follow her on twitter as: @AJApplegateXXX or just wait for her next feature film. There will be many more to come (pun intended).

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